11 thoughts on “You Are Burning The Wood In Your Wood Stove All Wrong”

  1. I always made a teepee with the smaller pieces and a teepee over the smaller teepee with medium pieces. This was in a fire pit though. I like your way.

  2. Hi Kevin what happened to the stay at home moms video? Says that it has been removed is everything ok ? …I am worried it got undeserved hateful comments I hope that isn't so. By the way I like these instructional videos I always learn something even if I have gas central heating. I am like a information junkie I store this kind of information away for later use Dx

  3. Wonderful information..thank you so much. Great time of the year to discuss. How about safety tips maybe it will prevent a house fire.

  4. And the damper controls the burn. Some wood stoves have auromatic dampers on them and you just set it to low-med-high once you get it fired up good. My Mom and Dad have one like that. It burns prety much all night for them. Love & Hugs!

  5. Good morning Kevin. Thank you for your video. I have a couple of questions for you. First, wouldn't you use kindling along with your stacked wood to start? Second, is there any difference in starting a fire place/stove and an outdoor fire pit?

  6. We have a buck stove insert in our fireplace and we can't build a fire in it until it is at least below freezing for a couple of days. If we build it too early it will run you out of the house. I love it cause I freeze most of the time, but I have others that like it cool in the house. Very informative video. Hope you all have a great and blessed day!!

  7. It’s amazing how many people I visit make this same mistake Kevin. I have shown people this and I think it all boils down to, “ I love the feel, smells, the sound and money saved, but I don’t like the extra work in splitting the wood finer!!!” So they keep throwing in blocks that are meant for an outdoor wood boiler. Great video and as always, looking forward to another video and my favorite “test taste time!!!”
    PS: Kevin, did you remove the stay home mom video??? I watched it and wanted to not only comment on it, but forward it to a friend!!! Hope YouTube or someone else did block it!

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