Woodworking – x-carve cnc threaded box

Woodworking - x-carve cnc threaded box
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Woodworking – x-carve cnc threaded box

11 thoughts on “Woodworking – x-carve cnc threaded box”

  1. You can speed up your cycle times by turning off Z retract on your passes and just doing a helical plunge, just make your Z plunge value less than 1.5 the Diameter of your cutter

  2. Nice job looks great. Maybe you should look to cut the pockets out for the inlays out on the X Carve as well? Place a sacrificial board down and route a pocket to insert the box upside down? This will allow you to flip it and reposition it to route the inlay pocket.

  3. Very cool. I wish you would have described what you were doing in the process instead of just music. What bit did you use for the threads if I may ask. Very nice work!

  4. Where do you get your ideas? Do you go to art galleries or browse youtube? My father was born in Rotterdam and was a creative stone mason (maybe a Dutch trait); he always wanted it to look artistic and too pride in his work. Alas, it became too expensive in modern times.

  5. Why on earth is cutting threads in wood interesting. I have no idea, yet, I found it fascinating as hell.

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