3 thoughts on “Woodworking – Workshop Renos and Woodworking Tips”

  1. @Look2ugly1 Good question, we thought about this before adding strip of magnets, and we did position them as far away from the motor and magentics as possible. Then we looked at the magnetic field of these earth magnets, and it is so narrow that it is negligible if it could make any diff to the motor anyway. We figured if there was any difference we would see it immediately and there was no perceptible change in power or operation with either unit.

  2. @emutiny Thanks for the note … we did wonder how you "Pros" worked so fast. Magnets do not appear to affect the motor, but we did try to position as far away from the motor as possible, and we did think about this before proceeding, but figured we would see instantly if there would be a problem and it seemed to make no diff except for convenience.

  3. cool man. We usually hold ten or fifteen screws in one hand and get the next screw ready while we are driving another. Kind of like roofers do with their nails. The ones who still bang em manually anyways. I think I might use this though. The magnet doesnt affect the motor?

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