Woodworking Workbench Build // Part 1 – The Base

Woodworking Workbench Build // Part 1 - The Base
Part 1/2 of my Half-split-top Roubo style workbench! In this video I am making the base, with a shelf.
Wood used in this video: Construction grade Pine, and walnut. The joints I used: Mortise and Tenon, and wedged through tenon.

Hope you enjoy watching this!
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Woodworking Workbench Build // Part 1 – The Base

10 thoughts on “Woodworking Workbench Build // Part 1 – The Base”

  1. Love this! I’ve been bingeing on workbench and miter station videos for a couple days now. The simple design and the fact that it’s made out of regular studs. Yeah… absolutely love it. Thank you! Subscribed

  2. Just subscribed 🙂 Really nice, compact strong workbench, just what I'd like to make. Good for making hand cut dovetails and small scale precise work. Please let me know when you have the plans available on your web site.

  3. Lovely looking bench (so far) and great workmanship but dam thats a lot of timber for a ‘workbench’

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