Woodworking – vlog #1. x-carve/camera dolly/coffee table

Woodworking - vlog #1. x-carve/camera dolly/coffee table
A video about some past work, and the x-carve.
I didn’t film the process of making the coffeetable at the time. Sometimes it takes me too much energy thinking about both a project and how to shoot the video aswell, and i didn’t want to interrupt that in this project.
The making of the table took around 2 months.
And was made from Walnut and Maple.

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Woodworking – vlog #1. x-carve/camera dolly/coffee table

10 thoughts on “Woodworking – vlog #1. x-carve/camera dolly/coffee table”

  1. I admire all of your work Thomas. I also admire your patience to do such kind of projects like this one 🙂 Congrats

  2. Hey bud, beautiful work! Just a quick question if you would be so kind. What is the overall size of the table, and what is the size of a block? Thank you.

  3. you could now make a counter top for your kitchen sink and carve drainage with your X-CARVE

  4. This is exactly what I needed, props to you. Yes, it does need a ton of work to be a full “Woodworking Bible”, but Hyezmar’s book is still in draft status and available for all to download.

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