18 thoughts on “Woodworking Tablesaw Outfeed Table part 2”

  1. Taping melamine is great but best to have it facing down so the blade gives a splinter less cut

  2. I assume your next video will be of drawers and shelves for under the outfeed tables ….Had you thought of putting the outfeed table on rollers to give you more flexibility?

  3. I built a similar one – biggest regret .. awkward clamping things to the top. Too thick. Finally scrapped in order to have a clamping rim too. Good sturdy base though.

  4. Curious – did you seal the edges of that melamine coated presswood?
    I saw the edge-banding go on but no treatment to the edge up against the saw or the area of the top you routed out to fit over the bar at the back of the saw.

    I mention this as thatboard i a humidity sponge and will swell at the exposed edges if they are not sealed well.

  5. Good job Chris, but after you've sat on the second tabletop, we notice that the feet on the left are "floating" and the power cord is under one of them!

  6. Good job Chris – you're on your way. My only advice if you're gonna cut a lot of sheet goods down and don't want to invest in a track saw – make yourself some proper 'shoot boards" (sometimes called saw guides here on YouTube). You can knock them together out of plywood scrap- but I like something I know will stay dead straight, so I use thin alum. bar stock and I bolt it to either a 1/4" or 3/8" plywood base… or I use acrylic. It just has to be something your saw can cut easily . The guide bar is the important part it has to be dead straight. It won't totally stop tear-out but it'll help a lot especially with the right blade. Good luck!

  7. Nice Work. Are you going to extend your table saw tracks into the out feed table? I'd like to see that if you do as I am concerned with routing into melamine where chipout is a concern

  8. Good job Chris. I admit I had my doubts. I work in a cabinet shop so I'm familiar with out feed tables.

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