Woodworking Projects of the week 7-16-18

Woodworking Projects of the week 7-16-18
Once again, Chad Stanton shows you what other woodworkers are making and gives this thoughts and views on the projects. Come see what other woodworkers are calling as “Uplifting and Encouraging.” Chad tries to get everyone involved in the wonderful craft of woodworking. With 20 years experience, Chad has advice and suggestions for any woodworker on any level. Join in on the fun and share your woodworking project and stories with Chad Stanton at stantonfinefurniture@gmail.com

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Woodworking Projects of the week 7-16-18

10 thoughts on “Woodworking Projects of the week 7-16-18”

  1. Great show, I love seeing how everyone progresses in their woodworking. Happy anniversary to Paul and his wife!

  2. Thanks, Chad for another great show. People are really stepping up their game every week. Happy Anniversary to Paul and his wife. If I knew you were going to show that busted drawer, I would have sent in my version. I've never seen anything that bad. As difficult as that was in trying to get the correct measurements, the customer called and said it fit perfectly. I got lucky.

  3. Happy 47th Anniversary to you and your wife, Paul! Great submissions this week everyone! Chad, thanks for another great show!

  4. Happy 47th Paul
    Some great projects from everyone this week πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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