Woodworking Project // Making Art Out of Knots

Woodworking Project // Making Art Out of Knots
Taking walnut knots and turning them into beautiful pieces of art. Easy woodworking project.

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Woodworking Project // Making Art Out of Knots

18 replies on “Woodworking Project // Making Art Out of Knots”

  1. As I sit here watching video after video on your channel I realize how much of an inspiration you are to someone wanting to set out on a venture following their passion.thank you very much for your inspiration and please keep the videos coming

  2. I quote that Mr. Mom line at least weekly and NO ONE ever gets it. You have no idea how happy that made me.

  3. I just found your channel a couple of days ago, and y'all are informative and humorous: the perfect combination to keep my short attention. HAHA

    I had to laugh at the duct tape because, frankly, it's something I would do. Obviously, a better solution would be some screws with washers or those little tabs that hold mirrors to the bathroom wall.

  4. Warhal would be proud. Duck tape now has a 1001th way to be used, great solution. Little spin tabs would have worked too.

  5. Those are some big knot holes David.  But seriously, its a nice artsy project. I'm always entertained watching your videos.

  6. Funny you like Kencraft. Stopped there while traveling once and literally spent hours there gawking and buying. We don't have any good wood places like them around. Your lucky! Talked to the older guy there for a while, cool dude.

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