Woodworking – Making a log throne

Woodworking - Making a log throne
The game of thrones! 🙂 In this video I play around and make a wooden throne for the kids.

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Woodworking – Making a log throne

20 thoughts on “Woodworking – Making a log throne”

  1. Can we all talk about how Torbjorn is the best possible dad? He carved a throne from a solid log just so his daughter could be a princess like it's nothing

  2. Good for the kids but i think you may want to find a bigger tree for your chair Lol. Good job Be well and be safe

  3. You turned what most people would consider firewood into something truly beautiful, artistic and functional.  Your little princess is truly blessed!

  4. My apologizes, I thought he was a young King, but reading the comments, she is the sunflower Queen 🙂 God bless your beautiful family.

  5. Will the high thin back crack when the wood dries out? You could put tung oil on it. Definitely a throne for a princess though.

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