Woodturning Wild Black Walnut “Knot a Lot of Choice”

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Woodturning Wild Black Walnut “Knot a Lot of Choice”

5 thoughts on “Woodturning Wild Black Walnut “Knot a Lot of Choice””

  1. Hi Rick,
    Cracks,shakes and checks week I guess! LOL
    Nice bowl in the end though!
    I love the pen too!
    Thanks for the video,,,

  2. The size of the bowl really doesn't matter because I thoroughly enjoy watching/hearing you work through the decision process for a slab of wood. You still have me experimenting on green turning to final shape…and I'm really getting some mixed results. It is max fun to turn green wood but I'm still behind the skill curve (we aviators also know it as the "power curve") on getting consistent results. Cracks are plaguing me…but I'm working on it.

  3. Rick, I tried you method of drilling a recess for the drive center! Wow, the only complaint I have is why didn't I think of that years ago!!
    As to turning small bowls, it must be something in the air, I started with a 20 inch blank, mounted your way, and ended up with a 13" bowl. Oh well.

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