Woodturning-The Exothermic epoxy 11 wood spiral vase( FAIL )

Woodturning-The Exothermic epoxy 11 wood spiral vase( FAIL )
As the title says things didn’t go according to plan on this piece , I had a major resin fail !! Moisture condensed inside I think from the heat of the resin curing and the cold temp outside of the mould.I mixed to much resin at once which caused an exothermic reaction
I don’t know weather to turn it or not so if you comment TURN IT or BIN IT I’ll do which ever you think .. Thanks for watching
Sorry if you’ve already seen this video and commented but for some reason the quality wouldn’t go above 360p so I had to re upload it .. Thanks

Woodturning-The Exothermic epoxy 11 wood spiral vase( FAIL )

15 thoughts on “Woodturning-The Exothermic epoxy 11 wood spiral vase( FAIL )”

  1. Turn it brother. Im curious as to what it would look like now, you’ve built up suspense! I’m sure it would still turn out looking cool! Go for it 😀

  2. Back in high school, I made something similar for a biology project. Mind you, i wasn't using a lathe or anything. My uncles were all into construction work and one of them had brought by a stack of these little wooden slats and i put them together. In the end, I made a 99 on the biology project… would have made a 100, but i didn't say "it looks like DNA". :o)

  3. Very interesting to see, but not to see your hard work come to naught…keep it as a doorstop, if nothing else!
    Nice job! Nice workshop! Nicely done! And – so what, if the end result was a bit of a surprise, crack-on and try again!

  4. This super speed is freaking me out! I get it why all you woodturning guys speed up the videos, but I keep expecting you'd turn up with the cape and the mask ☺ They could make a movie "The woodturners" – they make impossible things and they do it fast!!
    About the fail, good to see that you fail too, like us mere mortals 😉. Although you could have left it without the epoxy, it looked great.

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