Woodturning – The Emerging Man

Woodturning - The Emerging Man
Turning a bowl/platter from a gnarly slice of Horse Chestnut burl ..I was really close to giving up with this piece it had voids which I filled with epoxy and antique gold pearl ex and some real punky wood which I soaked in ca glue to try and stop it disintegrating ..It may still be a little punky but the emerging figure that’s trying to get out of the bowl makes me glad I persevered with it ..

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Woodturning – The Emerging Man

14 thoughts on “Woodturning – The Emerging Man”

  1. My favorite kind of turning wood — gnarly to the extreme 🙂 Came out beautifully, Andy. I know you probably had to use epoxy and CA glue on the seriously punky bits, but I've had success flooding punky wood with a half & half mix of cellulose lacquer and lacquer thinner (basically sanding sealer without the sodium stearate soap), followed with full strength lacquer. I've done some pieces that are probably 50% lacquer by weight 🙂 Clyde

  2. A "Tough nut" Andy,but you cracked it! O.K im off to the corner!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. AP man that is some awesome wood grain absolutely stunning thanks for sharing your knowledge and craftsmanship

  4. So glad you uploaded!!! I really was in the need for a mood lifter after last night's spider incident 😂😂

  5. Well, since I see all the super glue I know the potential was sure there for it to come apart. Watching your stance while doing the pull cuts on the outside put directly in the line of fire. Just saying…

  6. Very nice! I bet you were a bit nervous about that thing flying apart while you were turning it, i certainly was just watching!

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