Woodturning , Sycamore, Milliput and Colour

Woodturning , Sycamore, Milliput and Colour
In this video I am turning a deep enclosed bowl out of sycamore and embellishing it with a Milliput inlay and a coloured design.I am using Chestnut Products Spirit stain and their Aerosol cellulose sanding sealer for the first time. I have long been a fan of their cellulose sanding sealer in liquid form and other fine finishes they produce.

Milliput supplied by Milliput

Yorkshire Grit supplied by Yorkshire Grit

Yorkshire Grit Abrasive Paste

Record Power
Record Power Woodworking live at the D and M Toolshow, Kempton Park 6-8th October 2017

Chestnut Products

Chestnut Products

Robert Sorby

Makers Central, Birmingham NEC 5th 6th May 2018

Carter and Son Toolworks

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Woodturning is potentially dangerous!
My videos are designed to give viewers creative ideas.
The way I work is not necessarily the best or safest way to work!
Your safety is your own responsibility not mine.
Please follow all safety procedures and wear personal protective equipment.
Wear a visor and a respirator dust mask at all times.
Be safe, be creative and enjoy your turning.

Woodturning , Sycamore, Milliput and Colour

16 thoughts on “Woodturning , Sycamore, Milliput and Colour”

  1. The stain looks almost metallic with the shine. So lovely. You said “shitoiancy” about the world shine. How is that spelled. I love new words.

  2. What a cracking project Jim! And your usual excellent presentation in great detail, very enjoyable. Where did you purchase the Sorby longworth style chuck? also is the centre locking bolt/screw on it, raised or recessed flush with the face? thanks and regards, Tony, (UK)

  3. Fantastic piece of work again, Jim! I had watched another vid of yours immediately before this one (the one with the different coloured Milliput) & as has been said elsewhere, I really thought this was going to be the same. It really does look like either coloured Milliput, stained glass or different coloured pieces of inlayed wood.
    This is what I was talking about in my first comment…it's JFM (Just F***in' Magic!!). Cheers, Phil.

  4. I thought the paint was milliput, and was thoroughly surprised when you painted it. It looks absolutely gorgeous!!! <3

  5. Truly a pleasure to watch, you are one very talented individual! It would be  shame to not subscribe to your channel.

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