Woodturning Simple Quick Ornament From Scrap

Woodturning Simple Quick Ornament From Scrap

This Christmas ornament is simple and quick. It is made from leftovers and a tropical pen blank. The round pieces are padauk. The disk is ash. It is finished with shellac friction polish. It is about 2.5″ by 4.5″.

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Woodturning Simple Quick Ornament From Scrap

3 thoughts on “Woodturning Simple Quick Ornament From Scrap”

  1. Very nice ornament.  Your scrap box has a lot more 'stuff' in it than mine!!  Guess I'll have to get to work.

  2. Another nice ornament!  You could release a ornament video every week all year long and I'd never get tired of them.  What do you think about doing a video tour of your Christmas tree?

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