Woodturning – Shou Sugi Ban bowls

Woodturning - Shou Sugi Ban bowls
Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi (Charred Cypress Plank) is a Japanese technique for the preservation of construction timber, typically Cypress. The technique has found its way into the West as an art, and even into woodturning.

In the video I explore the technique using Cypress bowl blanks I turned a year or so ago. I also add a little of martin Saben Smiths Intrinsic colours to enhance the effect.

Most significant issue was the wood cracking during the charring process. I suspect its in the nature of this softwood. One option might be to char the bowl below hollowing.

William Hunt woodturner.

Max Brosi wood artist:

Max Brosi – Profile

Intrinsic colours: https://www.hampshiresheen.com/colours/

Yorkshire Grit – www.yorkshire-grit.com

Woodturning – Shou Sugi Ban bowls

5 thoughts on “Woodturning – Shou Sugi Ban bowls”

  1. Hi William. What was the moisture content prior to turning? Thanks for the lesson and taking the time to share.

  2. I think you supplied the answer as you thought out loud. Finish outside, char entire bowl at once, complete turning/finish. It seems the cracking comes from unbalanced shrinking during heat treatment. Along those lines, perhaps sealing the entire bowl before heat might provide some resistance? Just be prudent with the torch as you approach the flammable exterior. Lol.

  3. William how would you go painting it black. I know it’s not Charing but it won’t crack. Cheers mate Roger 🇦🇺…….

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