Woodturning Rosewood spinning top – Rosenholz Kreisel drechseln

Woodturning Rosewood spinning top - Rosenholz Kreisel drechseln
Here’s a rosewood spinning top i turned today 🙂
It’s about 1.1″ in diameter, turned at 3300 rpm with a 10mm spindle gouge.
Sanded up to 1000 grit and finished with Capt. Eddie Castelin’s shine juice (1/3 shellac, 1/3 den. alcohol, 1/3 boiled lineseed oil)
It was fun to do, though the tools were somewhat dull (I had no desire to sharpen them today).
More pictures of different spining tops i made can be found here:

Greetings to all,
Sebastian of www.Lederkram.de


Das ist ein Rosenholz Kreisel den ich heute gedrechselt habe 🙂
Der Durchmesser ist ca. 3 cm, gedrechselt bei 3300 Umdrehungen pro Minute mit einer 10mm Spindelröhre.
Bis Körnung 1000 geschliffen und mit Capt. Eddie Castelin’s shine juice (1/3 Schellack, 1/3 den. Alkohol, 1/3 gekochtes Leinöl) gefinisht.
Hat Spaß gemacht, auch wenn die Werkzeuge etwas stumpf waren (War heute zu faul zum schärfen).
Mehr Bilder von unterschiedlichen Kreiseln gibt’s hier:

Liebe Grüße,
Sebastian von www.Lederkram.de

Woodturning Rosewood spinning top – Rosenholz Kreisel drechseln

20 thoughts on “Woodturning Rosewood spinning top – Rosenholz Kreisel drechseln”

  1. Great… Wonderfull… Perfect… Master of Masters… Beautifull Wood… I need this…

    Good Job…

  2. I am also a woodcarver, and admire a good sanding job… What is your grit series? It almost shines like a mirror!

  3. Sure, you can try one yourself 🙂
    Rosewood is really a beautiful wood, not always the easiest to turn but always rewarding in the end 🙂

  4. Great little top Sebastian!!! I've just completed several tops for gifts but have never done one like yours… I really like it and bet it spins great and for a loooong time!!! If you don't mind, I'd like to try a few like it… The Rosewood grain makes your top stand out soo nicely that everyone will want one!!! Thanks for sharing and safe turning to you!!!

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