Woodturning Rescued Montana Firewood – Ponderosa Pine

Woodturning Rescued Montana Firewood - Ponderosa Pine
Rescuing firewood! Wood turning a beautiful natural edge bowl with a branch sticking out the edge. This is a nice one, and I usually don’t care for pine on the lathe, but this Ponderosa Pine is really special. It was cut from a withered tree up in the Little Belt Mountains, Montana. In addition, I had two talented guests from Montana that tried woodturning for the first time with great success! With some instruction and a little help, they made a gorgeous natural edge spalted Ambrosia Maple bowl. See that action toward the end of this video.

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Woodturning Rescued Montana Firewood – Ponderosa Pine

20 thoughts on “Woodturning Rescued Montana Firewood – Ponderosa Pine”

  1. I am sooo jealous of where you live! Thanks yet again for another informative video Rod. Both beautiful pieces. 👌💕

  2. So beautiful. Also, Mr. & Mrs. O did great job. They had a talented teacher. Glad your channel is growing. 🙂

  3. Our experience in Rod's shop, turning a little bit of a bowl (we surrendered our tools to him often as we were either exhausted or stumped) under Rod's teaching, was the highlight of our two week drive about from MT to GA. Rod is not only an awesome artist, but an extremely patient and thorough teacher. Both Mr. O and I were amazed at how intricate wood turning is, and strenuous! It is a "full body and mind" endeavor! We came away with a sense of amazement and appreciation for wood turning and what Rod creates, especially . . . and, also, two very gorgeous bowls now decorate our mantle!!!

    I loved the real time, Rod! It felt almost like slow-motion! Thank you for the most wonderful experience!!

  4. congratulations Mr and Mrs O, and that's one beeyooteeful little bowl. And that is one fine looking piece of firewood! well done all.

  5. Very beautiful bowl. It's remarkable how you can take a piece of scrap wood and turn it into a work of art. Cheers!

  6. Stunning bowl rod never made any thing from pine but seeing your bowl may keep my eye open of a piece I can play with. Steve

  7. Hi Rod,

    Philosophy is good, but when it comes with experience, it is great!

    Beautiful bowls from both you and you talented students, congratulations to the Os on their first turning.

    Take care and keep turning!


  8. Always thought pine would have to much sap,,guess not, thanks for sharing,,,,,nice bowls Mr and Mrs O

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