Woodturning – Open segmented bowl

Woodturning - Open segmented bowl
An ”Open” style bowl.

All songs by Kevin Macleod.

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Woodturning – Open segmented bowl

18 thoughts on “Woodturning – Open segmented bowl”

  1. Бля ,поставь другую музыку ,засыпаю на половине. А так отличное видео и идеи!!

  2. Brilliant treatment of the tear-out. I cringed when the lathe first stopped, but the rasp and chisel work made for a really good recovery!

  3. I wounder if it would be posiable to add metal rings, in Copper or Brass on the walnut layers

  4. your vids are like therapy for me. going through a hard time at the moment. watching you work is really soothing. thanks for that. greetings, doc.

  5. хорошая работа…правильная-только не понятно одно-почему руки трясутся, когда берете инструмент

  6. I'd really like to know the playlist in this vid…the songs were amazing… as was the woodworking of course.

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