20 thoughts on “Woodturning – New Toy”

  1. Someone needs to come up with a design similar in function to this, except rather than mounting to a lathe with horizontal travel, make it mount to a bench top, with vertical travel. Then you could use any old hand drill as a drill press.

  2. Thanks a lot. I have five routers of which one will suit the device. I have made router holders in the past for doing fluting on the lathe so bought a small Trend vary speed one to use. It will fit quite nicely. Have a great Christmas. David

  3. Hi there.I have just been watching your video of the new toy. I think it has a lot of potential and if possible I would like to obtain one. I do a lot of trade with The Toolpost in the UK but cannot find it on the website so please could you tell me what name new toy goes under. Thank you.

  4. Very useful piece of kit mate. To stop the drill bit being steered off centre it may be better to use one as short as you can get away with and move the drill a bit closer to the work. This will give a little bit more rigidity when being engaged forward. Nice idea with the router being attached…,

  5. Nice tool! You said you would like to angle it down and up.. But if you angle it across.. that will be the same because the object you are drilling is round.. 🙂

  6. Got zapped by the autoplay again, slow learner. That's a neat tool Brendan, but don't use that bowl for soup now, lol. I'll be anxious to see it used in an actual turning project some day. Attaching a router has some very interesting possibilities…
    Regards, Gary

  7. Brendan,
      I just realized you have a YouTube channel. I don't know why I never looked before. Larry over at the Tiny Trailer Workshop mentioned you in a comment and it prompted me to check. I will need to check out all of your back videos.
      This looks like a great tool for indexing holes in a bowl.


  8. Hi Brendan. Frank Howarth does make some great videos and even has another account with some more personal and experimental videos. His second account is under the name Francis Howarth. One video is here
    I don't know Frank personally, but we've exchanged emails back and forth over the past 3 or 4 years. Very creative guy.

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