Woodturning IronWood Burl

Woodturning IronWood Burl
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Woodturning IronWood Burl

20 thoughts on “Woodturning IronWood Burl”

  1. a newer Ridgid impact driver set at one or two would have probably pulled those screws out get rid of that old screw gun. or pre-drill your holes in advance

  2. They don't call it ironwood for nothing. Best bet in rockhards is pilot holes then screws.Is the wood Hophornbeam? Or some Euro Ironwood. Where I live in the Florida Keys we have 3 trees called Ironwood. One being Krugiodendron Ferreum. Also called Leadwood. It is listed in the Wood Database as the heaviest wood on Earth and one of the top Zten hardest. Theres no way you could drive screws in it other than self tapping. I've harvested it dead for years from hammocks on Key Largo but never turned it but know those who have. Its too dense to accept finish other than wax imo.

  3. a vase, a bowl, a plate, a bowl, a pen, a bowl, a pot, a bowl….^^ for decades, it's always the same, and no differences from a craftman to another…be creative guys ^^

  4. You are using a ridiculous amount of torque and rpm. Slow it down and they'll be fine.

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