Woodturning – How to Turn a Perfect Wooden Egg

Woodturning - How to Turn a Perfect Wooden Egg
Striving to make the perfect wooden egg, I saw a technique online that I was able to adapt for an egg shape and the end result was a perfectly turned wooden egg. I class myself as a complete amateur woodturner, so to be able to turn such a neat looking egg (or two) was a great achievement for me. The beauty of this technique is that it allows for multiple copies of a piece to be produced accurately everytime and I’m pretty sure it can be adapted for other shapes and fruits…pears, apples and of course, spheres.

About Me

Looking for a way to escape the stresses of daily life, I found my answer after stumbling across the New Yankee Workshop on the TV. I could watch Norm Abram for hours…the videos were very relaxing to watch.

Thinking I could be like Norm, I went out and bought a shed load of tools…only to discover that woodwork wasn’t as easy as Norm made it look. So I watched more and more Norm videos and scoured the internet for videos on woodworking. I watched a whole bunch of videos…mainly guys like Marc Spagnuolo of the Wood Whisperer, Steve Ramsey from Wood Working for Mere Mortals and Alex Harris from ThisWoodwork…all with videos here on YouTube. Thinking ‘Ah, I could do that’ I set out to give it a go…but I then discovered that talking over video wasn’t one of my strong points.

I was ready to give up when a friend suggested that, as I had a hobby making cheesy music, I should record audio tracks and put up subtitles instead of trying to conquer the fear of ‘the voice over’. So, looking for something to make, I decided to start off with something really simple…A Virtual Pinball Machine 🙂 The experience was great fun, a huge learning curve, and inspired me to make more videos and upload them here on YouTube. As a child of the 80’s, with a love for synth music, retro gaming and a passion for all things wood, I thought it’d be a great idea to combine the lot…

So, my channel is a bit of a mixed bag…it has woodworking videos, retro gaming projects, gameplay videos and I’m learning woodturning…so I’ll be posting videos of me at the lathe too. And of course…It’s also a chance for me to compose the cheesy background tracks that accompany all the videos 🙂 I try and upload a video or two every week or so, and I’m always open to suggestions for new projects.

Most Used Equipment:

Maxicam Cnc Maxi-S 0609A (modified gantry)
Axminster Table Saw AW10BSB2
Record Power Bandsaw BS350S
Tormek T7 Grinder
Supertouch – Nitrotouch Gloves
Blackfriar Danish and Kitchen Oils
Staedtler Pencils 🙂

Woodturning – How to Turn a Perfect Wooden Egg

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  1. Eggstraordinarily simple idea, why didn't I think of it. Congratulations. Thinking on, wouldn't this technique work for most spindle work. My b-i-l wants me to make some mock truncheons and I'm struggling to get anywhere near the originals that he gave me to work from. If I lay the truncheon on the bed way and cast the shadow I should get the same result as you have with the egg, I think.

  2. Is the type of light important and the distance from the lathe?  The shadow silhouette appears perfect.

  3. this ws a great tutorial!!! I'm on my way to lear woodturning and my project are egg's. This method save a lot of money since I do not have to buy a lathe that duplicate your woork. Thanks a lot for showing this!!!

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