Woodturning Finishing Bowls for my Friend Dorr Part 3

Woodturning Finishing Bowls for my Friend Dorr Part 3
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Woodturning Finishing Bowls for my Friend Dorr Part 3

14 thoughts on “Woodturning Finishing Bowls for my Friend Dorr Part 3”

  1. I’ve been using a long worth for 2-3 years. It handles everything but natural edge bowls. I have a set up I got from Alan Lacer out of River Falls Wi. I suspect the vaccine chuck is more versatile but, costs more than mine.

  2. Serious burl envy here, not that I have the capacity to deal with something like that. I guess you’ll get a few out of it and I look forward to the process.

  3. Beautiful bowls Rick! Looking forward to see the rest of the bowls finished! Looks like the troll is back from vacation.

  4. Donat-chucks are ease to DIY. I think Sam Angelo has made a video about this. Longworth are really expensive to me.

  5. The Longworth chuck will handle most traditional bowls safely. Max RPM is 600, which is enough to take care of the bottom. Natural edge bowls will require more hand work. All the steps that Rick uses apply to finishing without the vacuum system as well.

    Rick, beautiful work as usual !! Thanks for sharing.

  6. U do such beautiful work and put a lot of time and thought into your bowls. I am amazed how some turn out from what u started with. I throughly enjoy watching and all the comments I share along the way. If only I could ………….

  7. Beautiful work, thank you for sharing. I like to turn a recess instead of a tenon because you can finish it before you flip it to hollow. When you are through hollowing you are done. Do you ever turn a recess instead of a tenon?

  8. Great looking bowls Rick, nice looking burl bet you will make a beautiful piece out of it I've used a longworth chuck alittle would be the best and as someone has already said Rick's Best make a combo that looks really nice safe turnings

  9. I only have experience with jam chucks or Cole jaws. I think either of the two longworth or donut will work. Heck anything will work as long as it can hold it, but be safe as doing so. That’s with anything. I’m saving for a vacuum chuck set-up.

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