Woodturning Curly Modern Pepper Grinder

Woodturning Curly Modern Pepper Grinder
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Woodturning Curly Modern Pepper Grinder

16 thoughts on “Woodturning Curly Modern Pepper Grinder”

  1. I'm new to your channel and have been watching all of your videos and I haven't seen anything as beautiful. How much would you sell something like that for?

  2. I enjoy your videos. Anyone interested in your methods is not really having any trouble following your instructions. I think the English word you are looking for on the hole from the larger forstner bit is counter bore.

  3. Love the video. I would ad the process of assembly: putting in the mechanism, tuning things up – it'd be a great, complete whole, not just a tribute to your mastery in turning 😉

  4. tres belle jobe ses supere te voire travailler mai se qe j aimerai ses une video sure coment tu afte tes outille carmoij ai bain da misere avec sa comme debutan et ses avec quoi tu fait se belle couleur et j espere que je suis pas trop tanan et continu ses supere

  5. Awesome instructions, what a beautiful finish on a great design, thanks for sharing your thoughts and talent.

  6. Love the design style you went for here. Also very educational regarding the drying and alignment technique. Thanks!

  7. A stunning grinder Simon, and a good explanation of the methods you use to make one.

  8. Looks great, what chuck did you use and I see you have a Laguna Lathe, how do you like it? Im planning on getting the 18/36 soon.

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