Woodturning at 54a.#139 Water droplets illusion bowl

Woodturning at 54a.#139 Water droplets illusion bowl
Whoops! Messing around with the editing and I seem to have cut Yorkshire Grit out! Apologies to Glyn Senior,it will be put right on the next video.
My version of the bowl. I take no credit for this idea!

For Seggys,Centre finder and the new pencil blank centre finder:

Wayne Clasper:

William Hunt:

Woodturning at 54a.#139 Water droplets illusion bowl

13 thoughts on “Woodturning at 54a.#139 Water droplets illusion bowl”

  1. I'm glad you tuck the challenge of that blank but with the bubble affect on top made it twice as good,p.s. pen blank center finder works treat thanks mate

  2. I like them Keith, the outside bowl one looked cool you could use a lazy Susan as a spiny table but you may have already thought of that haha any nice work.👍🤘😎

  3. I've had the same ripple effect on a few pieces of, I believe, Ponderosa Pine. I even tried using a sanding block in an attempt to level it off. It removed some of the ripple effect, but still visible. I think it is due to the alternating densities of the grain.
    I like the water droplet illusion. It should work with several color combinations as long as you highlight the droplets with a light color. Perhaps an airbrush would work better than the rattle cans on the inside of a bowl…more precise control? Interesting look.

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