Woodturning and 3D printing a wand

Woodturning and 3D printing a wand
I created a Death Eater cosplay this year and wanted to try creating a unique wand for the character. I’ve turned wands before, so this time to make something special I used a combination of 3D Printing and turning together.

For more on how this costume was built, see this instructable:


SketchUp plugins used:
-Vertex Tools, SubD, Quad Face Tools, Solid Inspector

At the end is a quick shout out to Bill Doran of Punished Props for inspiration from this video:

Woodturning and 3D printing a wand

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  1. Absolutely brilliant work here, even if I'd choose another color for the skull end (something closer to a bone color) but it's really great!

  2. that is the best wand i have ever seen. but you could make the shaft of the wand thinner. and cool handle 🙂

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