Woodturning an Acorn Box

Woodturning an Acorn Box
Wood turning and some carving too. I use maple and walnut to make an autumn themed acorn box in this video. I thought the lathe would be enough, but when I thought I was done, I found out I really wasn’t and had to break out the carving chisels.

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OB Shine Juice: Equal parts of clear shellac, boiled linseed oil, and denatured alcohol…just that simple. Thanks Cap’n Eddie!

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Woodturning an Acorn Box

19 thoughts on “Woodturning an Acorn Box”

  1. They’re going to be auctioning your pieces in London in 100 years time you know. I’d like to see some larger projects, not so much complex with resins or multiple layers (although they are fun to watch) just like the biggest thing you can (safely) turn on a lathe – platters or BIG bowls.

  2. Very nice. And you were right about the piece needing something. And the something you added was just right.  I have always been opposed to speeded up video. However in this one I find I do not object to most of the turning shots. It's just as easy to see a long sweeping side cut at 5X as 1X. I didn't like it when you were fitting the cap or when you were sanding and finishing. Those shots look jittery and unnatural. So my suggestion is keep the 5X for the long sweeping cuts and go back to 1X where the 5X looks like you were on steroids. I think a good mix can work very well. I love the background music,  there isn't any thank you. Your commentary works very well. It's nice to have your thoughts and reasons for your technique. Thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated.

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