Woodturning a smoking pipe from briar !

Woodturning a smoking pipe from briar  !
This is an easy way to make a smoking pipe ! i use an piece of briar a stem and only two tools on the lathe ! was a great making but have a lot of hand sanding !! if you have any ideas how can i make the progress of sanding faster will be really welcome !!! have a great week !! next video willl be for the top battle 2018 ! See you !!!

Woodturning a smoking pipe from briar !

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  1. Nice shape,well done. The only time I did any precision work like that was making replacement handles for old disston panel saws, using burr elm. To get a fine finish I relied on using a good rasp, fine sharp files and small cabinet scrapers (and a jewellers eye lens). Sanding was thus kept to a minimum

  2. Dear Costas. A friend is in the city Xhantis . Is there an address that you can give me for some pipe tobacco ? I appreciate it …

  3. Μπράβο! Πολύ καλό. Λίγο παίδεμα με τη χειρωνακτική δουλειά που έπρεπε να γίνει αλλά το αποτέλεσμα βγήκε πολύ καλό.

  4. Πολυ ομορφη η πιπα σου Κωστα!..με ολες τις καμπυλες και τα πανεμορφα νερα της…συγχαρητήρια!..

  5. Hello Kostas…I just discovered your channel…I like your style…I will be a regular..Thank You Kostas…tm

  6. I make a lot of pipes and i have done a couple of videos to help people that are wanting to try for themselves, here is a link it might help solve your sanding problem, i only ever have to hand sand for a maximum of 1hr

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