Woodturning a Segmented Vase from Firewood

Woodturning a Segmented Vase from Firewood
Woodturning. Firewood becomes a beautiful segmented vase in this video. This is another Black Walnut log, but this time I mill the log with my band and table saw, build and turn this vase.

Woodturning a Segmented Vase from Firewood

18 thoughts on “Woodturning a Segmented Vase from Firewood”

  1. you did`t waste no wood or time in the video,
    your editing skills are almost as good as your wood working skills!

  2. Just got finished viewing your video – believe A V may have a problem – I want that Vase so to not waste time just send it to me and every thing will be okay. Sorry A V, just the way it is! ; < )

  3. As you add each new layer, you sanded the top flat with a board. Did you sand the bottom of the next ring on your sander? If not are there gaps between layers? All are right, beautiful vase.

  4. Next they're going to complain that these videos are free. Why dont people just watch and enjoy. I appreciate you sharing your skill and passion with us. USA STRONG

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