Woodturning a Plank Plate, a bushcraft gift

Woodturning a Plank Plate, a bushcraft gift
In this project video I am using a plank of American White Oak to make a bushcraft style plate for a friend. I have finished it in Tung Oil.
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Woodturning is potentially dangerous!
My videos are designed to give viewers creative ideas.
The way I work is not necessarily the best or safest way to work!
Your safety is your own responsibility not mine.
Please follow all safety procedures and wear personal protective equipment.
Wear a visor and a respirator dust mask at all times.
Be safe, be creative and enjoy your turning.

Woodturning a Plank Plate, a bushcraft gift

19 thoughts on “Woodturning a Plank Plate, a bushcraft gift”

  1. Next time try to use a bit of denatured alcohol on the hot glue joint. This separates MUCH easier and will save you some time.

  2. Thanks Jim! I just bought my first lathe, and your video gave me very valuable information to apply to my projects! Merry xMas!

  3. HI JIM  the plate you did was a masterpiece to me  as ALL OF YOUR PROJECTS you do  i learn every time you make a video  and i am envyious of YOUR  TALENT   also i have a question my wife loves the flowers you are standing in front of and can you get seeds of them and will they grow in OKLAHOMA type weather    GOD BLESS  larry

  4. Great project! Really skillfull turning on such a thin piece of oak! Thanks for the idea and the demo.

  5. Wonderful neat and practical plate. I love the look of oak. Can't see how anyone could give this a thumbs down but hey, there you go eh! Your video's are an inspiration and just makes me want to get out to the shed even more! Thanks.

  6. Very nice plate. Too bad about the crack. Some cracks like that you just don't know are there until you get in to the wood.

  7. Love the new logo Jim!!! 🙂 That was a sweet looking plate, I think we all made this style of plate, the broad and low rimmed plate, they make amazing gifts, everyone loves them!! 🙂


  8. Nice looking plate. Well done.

    As you mentioned, hot glue is a lot stronger than it seems. I used to think this was only for craft work, but it does make a very strong bond for glue blocks.

    Bummer about the crack. If this has been noticed earlier, you could have broken the crack then epoxied the pieces back together. Stronger than a CA fix. You could also have bandsawed the crack out then added an insert of contrasting wood to make this a feature.

    I would not have used an open grain wood like white oak for a plate intended to be used for eating. My preference would be a close grain wood like hard maple. I expect this is a lot less expensive in the US.

  9. Hi Jim! Great work my friend! The finish looks beautiful. Oak is a very nice wood. And that's to show that you can turn just using a plank of wood 🙂 Cheers! Daniel

  10. Beautiful work Jim, shame about the cracking…but a nice little fruit bowl it would make 🙂 I have to say your finishes are flawless, a joy to behold mate.
    Take care

  11. Beautiful! That wasn't a fail though – it is a design feature. 😉 I tell myself that all the time when I muck something up. 😛 That said if I had done that with the plate I would have just used it for my resin/clay mixed media things I have been making lately. I could fit something really good sized in there. I have been making water scenes with the resin being the water and whatever I make with clay going in the 'water'. I would have to think hard for the perfect thing to go into a plate like that though. 🙂 – Heidi

  12. Nice work, Jim! Seems a shame to not put the cracked platter to use…how about using it to serve crackers? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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