Woodturning a Milliput Vase – New Technique

Woodturning a Milliput Vase - New Technique
In this video I turn a vase out of sapele and Milliput using a new foam core technique.

Milliput epoxy putty

Yorkshire Grit woodturner’s abrasive paste

Yorkshire Grit Abrasive Paste

Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools are available in the UK from Yandles

Robert Sorby Tools

The magnetic tool rest light I use in the video is fro Woodart Products

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Woodturning is potentially dangerous!
My videos are designed to give viewers creative ideas.
The way I work is not necessarily the best or safest way to work!
Your safety is your own responsibility not mine.
Please follow all safety procedures and wear personal protective equipment.
Wear a visor and a respirator dust mask at all times.
Be safe, be creative and enjoy your turning.

Woodturning a Milliput Vase – New Technique

18 thoughts on “Woodturning a Milliput Vase – New Technique”

  1. I bet you put a lot of thought in that vase and a lot more possiblitys came out of it.all the best 👏👏👏

  2. Wow what an amazing use for milliput. I will definitely be giving it a go. I can get off cuts of insulation boards from work. You really are the milliput king 🤴

  3. How this could you cut that milliput dow to once it is dry? For instance could you make it thin enough for light to shint through for like a lamp shade or an LED lap shade?

  4. Beautiful Jim, I love the new color. I would never have thought about using foam for a core, Brillant thinking.

  5. Very clever, as usual. I love milliput but at approx. $10 per pack it does start to add up. That said, I am looking forward using the new colors.

  6. reminds me of some kind of a camouflage pattern, I like it! smart and innovative as always, I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with next ❤ keep up the good work and take care, good sir.

  7. Very artistic as always Jim. I'm delighted to hear that Milliput are bringing out a turquoise colour – I'm sure it will be come very popular.

  8. Thanks for that Jim looks very good didnt know you could use Milliput like that.
    I have been wanting to make a barrel for a while but always struggled with what to make the metal bands out of and having watched this I think Milliput will do it.
    Thank you

  9. Another very interesting video Jim. I’m not a woodturner but I do make knives, I was wondering if you think Yorkshire grit would be suitable for buffing wooden, G10 or micarta knife scales?

  10. Your videos a pure inspiration. Always a reminder to step back and try to see things in a new and different way. Great stuff, thanks!

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