Woodturning – A Lidded Box with Finial from Ash

Woodturning - A Lidded Box with Finial from Ash
I turn a lidded box and finial from Ash.
Guitar by Michael Berke
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Woodturning – A Lidded Box with Finial from Ash

16 thoughts on “Woodturning – A Lidded Box with Finial from Ash”

  1. I love your videos Mike. very easy to understand and not only that but u actually make nice stuff! alot of guys just make something to show u the basics, they might skip the sanding or something. anyhow love your video, keep them coming. I have subscribed

  2. Shalom Mike ,I have seen a few of your vidio"s.Very well explained, I have been turning
    for 30 odd years, but on a metal lathe.takes 2 to 3 days each box. Now iv'e retired
    i'll buy a real wood lathe and put your tips into my work . Have a good day and thankyou.

  3. Hi Mike. Great looking box there 🙂
    Is that a 3/8 spindle gouge?
    I really need to get a good sharpening jig, not easy for a poor man like me LOL

    Thanks for the video and take care.

  4. Amazing work! I've been watching all your turning videos and you've inspired me to give it a go here in the near future! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. I can't believe I missed this one! I love the thin lid. Very nice
    I haven't done many finials, but lately I've been trying my hand at it and I'm finding it quite a lot of fun. Its a challenge to get a nice thin tip.

  6. hello again Mike, nice bit of turning always a pleasure to watch your post
                                                                               cheers Malcolm

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