Woodturning a Large Walnut Bowl #2 The Other Half-Plus Subscribers Woodturned Art!

Woodturning a Large Walnut Bowl #2 The Other Half-Plus Subscribers Woodturned Art!
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Woodturning a Large Walnut Bowl #2 The Other Half-Plus Subscribers Woodturned Art!

12 thoughts on “Woodturning a Large Walnut Bowl #2 The Other Half-Plus Subscribers Woodturned Art!”

  1. Beautiful. Another procedure question. Would you give us an idea as to how long it takes in real time to switch the lathe over, set up and measure the coring bases, get the knives set up, core the bowl and finally get everything torn down and back to turning the bowl ? I’m sure you make it all look faster and easier than it might be for some of us. Thanks for your time Rick, it really is appreciated.

  2. Rick, just curious, what speed are you coring with? Nice big bowl. Love the huge Vicmarc! That's massive. Wayne – beautiful piece of art!

  3. I love how walnut always seems to hide some character. Watching the hidden secrets show up is always a joy

  4. It will be really interesting to see how that bowl finishes up, it's one big bowl.
    Wayne is a great turner, I've had that bowl in my hand and it looks even better than the picture.
    On turners with disabilities, please do look on YouTube for a channel called the "Blind Woodturner". Chris Fisher he is amazing and will soon make anyone with disabilities realise that they can achieve far more than they realise.

  5. To tell you the truth that bowl would be perfect for my family of 21. It would be used daily in my family! Definitely something I'd be interested in owning! Many blessings to you and your Channel!

  6. I know that the Sonoma fire was devastating, but it sure did bless you with a lot of beautiful wood to turn. Love your videos and the subscribers pictures and stories. They are amazing!

  7. Beautiful bowl Rick and great video I really like the subscriber pics a lot of great looking pieces safe turnings

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