Woodturning a Jack O’Lantern Bowl

Woodturning a Jack O'Lantern Bowl
Woodturning a Halloween Jack O’Lantern bowl, using cherry wood, Padauk, and resin. While prepping the wood I uncovered a very interesting grain pattern…a ghostly figure… which inspired a little something extra in this video, which I hope you all enjoy.

“A Ghost in the Wood” written and read by Rod Humphrey

Aside from wood turning, I use many other tools to make this bowl, including a scroll saw and a router.

For the sake of the Halloween theme, the bowl is 13 inches in diameter, and the video is exactly 13 minutes and 13 seconds long…

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Woodturning a Jack O’Lantern Bowl

15 thoughts on “Woodturning a Jack O’Lantern Bowl”

  1. Mr Humphrey, turned my first bowl yesterday. I had terrible end grain tear out in this piece of Maple. Question is it Maple or do I need sharper turning tools? I Have an old Jet 1014 lathe no reverse and changing speeds is a pain with the belt and pullys. Any help welcome Len

  2. Another awesome project Rod. Also, thank you for taking the time to show us your actual turning along with your design of the piece. It's greatly appreciated. (Especially by me a rookie turner…) Sadly, there seems to be a new trend of sorts by a couple of the big named YT turners to no longer show their actual turning, or to glance over it. Forgetting that watching them turn is what drew many if not most of us to their channels.) Thanks again… V

  3. I subscribe to and watch a lot of wood turning and wood project channels, and your is becoming one of my favorite. Keep up the good work

  4. Fantastic bowl. Always impresses me when I see you use the router to clear space for the piece you are inserting. What size Jet lathe is that?

  5. In the video a poem I did hear, reminding why I do come here. To see the art Rod does do, if you don't like it I think you must be a shrew. Lol! Keep up the work Rod & I'll keep watching.

  6. Nicely done Rod love the shape of that bowl (being Australian not much into Halloween )tony

  7. Great bowl. The poem was very fitting. I do have a question, where do you get your coloring powders and liquid dyes?

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