Woodturning A Christmas Tree Ornament

Woodturning A Christmas Tree Ornament
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I’ve saved the trunk of last year’s Christmas tree, thinking I’ll make something out of it… sometime… yes I know, I’m a hoarder!

Anyway, I thought a nice purpose for it will be to turn small Christmas trees to use as decorations. And in this video you can see the making of the first, and probably last, of them.

While this seemed like a great idea at first, in practice it proved to be not so good. The wood is soft and brittle and full of knots. The resin in it gummed on the tools. The collets could not grip it firmly so it went out of balance when I reversed it.

I’m NOT happy with the end result and I already gave it to my daughter to use it as a toy. At least it will get her attention from my wife’s ceramic Christmas decorations for a while.


On this channel I plan to post videos of the usual things I make around my very VERY small shop set up in a closet.

Some will be miniatures, some will be homemade tools, some will be toys for my daughter and some will be home improvements I make around my house.


Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Woodturning A Christmas Tree Ornament

12 thoughts on “Woodturning A Christmas Tree Ornament”

  1. Beautiful symmetry and paint! You have deft hands and a good eye and it took me a while to see the star…nice. Love that you did it from the last years tree! Maybe a whole series from these. Thanks, ~PJ

  2. Great video. I loved the way you went through the wood, mill by mill. I wondered, are you actualy using a screwdriver in stead of a small chisel? If so, why is that??

  3. I did the same thing this year. I made Christmas ornaments out of last years tree. It was a blast. I love how you made yours into a tree though. I wish i had thought of that. Very nice!

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