Woodturning a Celtic Knot Bowl

Woodturning a Celtic Knot Bowl
Woodturning with resin – a different method. This is a wood turning video, but also shows some close up router work. I use my router to cut out a Celtic sailor’s knot pattern, pour in some resin, and then make a bowl. This bowl is a little bit out of the ordinary, with an undercut wide rim, inlayed resin, and even some pyrography. I hope you enjoy seeing it made, as much as I enjoyed making it!

At the end of this video, 13:20, the alternate winner for the Rosewood Bowl Giveaway is selected. That person does not have any contact information on their YouTube channel, so I need them to contact me by Sept 19, 2018 via email with an address I can mail the package to.

Email: rhumphrey.woodworking@gmail.com

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Rod Humphrey
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Chesterfield, IN 46017

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Woodturning a Celtic Knot Bowl

6 thoughts on “Woodturning a Celtic Knot Bowl”

  1. Beautiful work. I am motivated now to try this. I do not have a hand held router yet. What is the brand name of yours, fixed or plunge type Also, where did you get your stencils? Thanks!!

  2. As a Scot I appreciate the bowl doubly, as a musician (retired) I understand what you were saying. It's a remarkable piece of artistry and, again, your patience has been rewarded with this remarkable bowl! I am just starting with pyrography but so far most graphics look like squashed spiders. Oh well! keep up the great work Rod!

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