Woodturning – A basswood bowl in real time

Woodturning - A basswood bowl in real time
Basswood is one of my most favourites species for objects of daily use. It has a really nice texture and develops an awesome patina if left without a finish.

The piece I used was bone dry. Basswood desires razor-sharp tools and delicate finishing cuts. Tenons tend to break, so I don’t take the heaviest cuts while roughing the inside.

Woodturning – A basswood bowl in real time

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  1. Well, I am getting a sanding pad for my angle grinder and drill! I noticed that you tough the wheel to the bowl and then turn it on. Does this help prevent sanding gouges?

  2. I'm an amateur turner and if I achieve just half your skill I'll be happy. Basswood. also known as lime is the favourite wood for carvers as it cuts easily in any direction due to its texture.

  3. I am very curious, in the US what we call basswood (American Linden) is pretty soft and the few times I turned it was prone to tearout and so forth. Plus, when complete was so soft that it was likely to dent in use. Is this true of the basswood you are showing? It seems to turn differently than ours.

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