Wood Turning Club – Stabilized Horse Chestnut Pepper Grinder

Wood Turning Club - Stabilized Horse Chestnut Pepper Grinder
At Wood Turning Club this week I have turned a Pepper Grinder from a piece of Horse Chestnut that had been stabilized.

A man called Chris had asked me if I would turn a set of Salt and Pepper Grinders from stabilized woods that he makes, so he sent me the wood and grinders.

The piece used had beautiful pink and blue colours and had been filled with a purple resin.

It was really interesting to make and I had to make sure all the dimensions were just right so all the parts fitted together nicely.

If you are interested in finding out more about the stabilized wood you can find out more at Chris’s Website – https://csmods.co.uk/

Wood Turning Club – Stabilized Horse Chestnut Pepper Grinder

12 thoughts on “Wood Turning Club – Stabilized Horse Chestnut Pepper Grinder”

  1. Oh dear, just noticed you've linked my poor neglected website, I really need to spend some time on that! haha.

  2. Love it, your a fantastic turner, you did that proud. I think you definitely deserve some sharper Forstner bits though! I know the time and effort you've put into this peice and It's my pleasure to see it come together so well for you. Can't wait to see the finished pair.

  3. That really turned out beautiful! Sometimes it's very hard to keep those two together! Stabilized wood is so hard. Stabilized wood and resin together can be a nightmare! The resin comes off it easy and the wood fights you all day long. It can be so challenging to do larger pieces with. That's why most people only turn pens with it…😏😏😏 LOL. I was glad to see you keep with it… My first box I cried for days because it didn't come out the way I expected it too, and I'm 50! After spending all that money and time trying to turn it… I thought it would be so easy and it was extremely hard! They should come with caution stickers! I'm glad you continued… or we'd be sitting here for 3 weeks to see the finished job like my daughter waited to see her little box! You did a wonderful job. You've conquered that Peppermill! It truly came out lovely! I'm glad you shared with us here.❤❤❤

  4. it looked like that stabilized wood was pretty hard to turn. However your project turned out very nice. Blessings to you from across the pond

  5. Belíssima peça princesa! Você tem se superado em seus trabalhos. Parabéns. Abraços do Brasil…

  6. That's really cool! I like the shape, too! Next time see if you can get a negative rake cutter for you Easy Wood Finisher. It really makes turning acrylics and stabilized wood a joy.

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