Wood Turning Cherry Urn

Wood Turning Cherry Urn
This video is about turning a urn out of Cherry wood.



My name is Tommy Akridge, I am a small town wood turner working on wooden bowls, segmented bowls and vases. some of my work could be considered art and also consist of Urns, vases and boxes. I have been turning for just a few years and I have found that I love it. I get lost in my work and that helps me cope with my the day to day work life. Showing my work on YOUTUBE has changed the way I turn, I enjoy showing others what i’m doing and maybe them be better turners.
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Wood Turning Cherry Urn

18 thoughts on “Wood Turning Cherry Urn”

  1. Really beautiful!
    As well as the lacquer, what else did you use to finish the urn? Also did you wet sand or dry sand?

  2. Tommy, I enjoyed another great video. The captions regarding each tool as it was used was very helpful as well as showing the epoxy system you used. Thanks.

  3. Always worth the wait Tommy. Beautiful piece, great closeup shots & cool 😎 music.
    Regards from the UK 🇬🇧.

  4. Simply beautiful ! Superb piece Tommy !
    Thanks for sharing and cheers, Bram

  5. The urn is very nice. As was the turning portion of the video. The D-Way commercial was a bit overdone…in my view. I take it D-Way is your sponsor?

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