13 thoughts on “Wood Turning – Beginners Guide #11 – Pen Turning Tips”

  1. Hi Mike been turning for about a month now add some good results pen turning going to try a box tomorrow I will try to send you some pictures now to wotching your box video loving turning best regards Tony

  2. Mike in all respect to you, there is one reason you would still be turning oval pens… that's if you are live Center isn't truly live on the lathe itself… That may cause oval pens also… Many blessings to you!

  3. Than you very much for your first two tutorials on pen turning Mike! I'm watching your DVDs from Australia.

  4. Liked this very much. I was mystified on how to use the pen mandrel but not any more. Thank you for your time and effort in producing this clp.

  5. Some good tips, Mike. I was going to turn some wood today but I gave up when the thermometer read -8C overnight and I do not think my garage changed much during the day!!!

  6. Hi just getting ready to turn my first pen, your video has helped me, plus all the other videos. Thank you very, very, much.

  7. 40,200… that's me😁. Just subscribed to your channel.

    I just can't across a jet mini, blanks and many many pen kits. Along with just about all the tools I will ever need… for now😉.

    Just watching this one video really helps. I'll be watching most of your beginners guide and of course anything else that looks interesting. Thanks for the videos

  8. You look like Fish on Barney Miller. He was an awesome actor. Great video by the way! I'm getting into pen turning.


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