19 thoughts on “Wood Turning – A Spalted Beech Lidded Box”

  1. Great video mike! As usual slow and easy with lots of teachable moments. By the way, what type gouge did you use on it?

  2. Lovely looking box Mike, i have made a few boxes now and always burn grooves on the sides, is there a way to do the top of the lid ?

  3. Hi Mike, I am new to wood turning & have a couple questions to ask. Why do you mix the Sanding Sealer & not use it neat straight from the bottle ? Do you recommend a good quality chuck for doing this kind of work & also for making bowls ?ThanksIan

  4. Hey, I see that this vid is a little over 4 years old, but I'm just getting round to seeing it–your lathe is almost silent–I love that–what kind of lathe is it?

  5. I haven't turned a lidded bowl to this date… but a few hundred bowls instead…
    How ever its been very enjoyable to watch you turn this fine lidded bowl.
    Its always nice to watch somebody else turn, as we all turn slightly different and I learnt some this new this time! Many Thanks!

  6. Hi Mike , really enjoyed the video tutorial. Can you explain the advantages of applying the wax with wire wool; not something I have come across beforeThanksPeter

  7. I think it's the perfect piece of wood for this. I wouldn't expect a perfect match with the spalting, so getting it that close is far more impressive than with an easier to match wood. Thanks for the lesson.

  8. Can you please describe what is in the "sanding sealer mix" that you use, and whether it is water or oil based.

  9. thanks so much as a new subscriber.  carl Jacobsen  has told me to watch your videos. tell I saw you pic then I knew who he was talking about . always see your comments on his. as I am new to this world of turning I need all the help I can get thanks for a great video. very nice little box

  10. Hi Mike, I'm new to wood turning and find your video's extremely informative and a joy to watch. I wonder if you could possibly suggest a Variable speed mini lathe suitable for a beginner. Kind regards Mike and keep up the great work.

  11. Thank you for speeding up the video so that we don't spend half an hour watching the same real time movements creating a boring presentation.

  12. another great video mike,,i made one a little larger out of maple and it actually turned out rather nice,,i used a spindle gouge and cut me a circle on top and inserted a penny,,and used the wire as you did to decorated the side,,i also tried the same box using popular,,wasn't near as nice,,my email is,,happy8061@att.net,,if you write I will send you pictures,,don't know if you ever heard of doc green,,he is in my woodturning class,,great guy and a finished pro like you,,take care,,jeff

  13. Lovely little box, Mike! I have never worked with Beech but if it is all that nice I will have to try some.
    Be well,

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