13 thoughts on “Wood Turning – A Simple Wax Finish”

  1. Merry Christmas to you as well, 5 years later but Christmas just the same.
    Thank you very much for the "finishing" video… I think the hardest part of wood turning…. to me anyway…. I have often watched video such as this one where either 0000 steel wool or fine sandpaper is used to apply a finish. What is the advantage of doing so a oppose to paper towel? Thanks You for your help0

  2. I love the finish.  Great job.  What is your opinion on using solid beeswax and paper towel for heated finish? 
    l could watch your work all day long. Great job. Florida calling.

  3. Hi Mike. Love your work and videos. You are a great inspiration to new woodturners like myself. I have purchased the cellulose sanding sealer and thinners as well as wood wax 22 and loved the finish it created. I have one question. Do you use sanding sealer mix between the grits or do you only use it after det last grit? 

  4. mike I live in north Carolina and I cant find any of this brand sold here in the states,,can you offer any help,,

  5. Great job Mike. I have watched you for a while now and finally created a channel so I could pass along my thanks. Keep up the great work! Gary

  6. Very nice finish. I am working on getting the sanding sealer and thinner and give it a try. Still working mostly on pens. Stay safe and thanks. Richard Coyle USA

  7. Fantastic bowl very nice what mix do you use for your paste wax it's mineral oil & wax polish but what do I mix amounts please cheers mate Gary

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