Wood Turning #111 A Knotty Fig Bowl

Wood Turning #111 A Knotty Fig Bowl
Eleventy eleven times!
That’s a whole lot of Tiny Trailers!
And it’s thanks to people like you for coming to watch.
Strange looking pieces of wood have always struck my fancy and this one was pretty strange!
I’ve seen others take a piece like this and make a nice vase out of it… going length wise with the tree… I thought that going in from the side should add to the grain all the way through.
I was a little concerned about the stability of the branches.
I should probably have taken it a little thinner…
But there was a gamble…
Leave it heavy and solid looking and intact…
Or go thin and risk losing it all!
I chose the safe road on that one!
That one branch looked like it might make a nice sort of handle…
But it had some weak spots that made up my mind for me!
The deer came through the day before I was filming…
I just naturally thought I would use it!
Pretty cool!
I have it up on my other channel and it has the story there!
To watch Miguel Sanchez’s videos in Spanish has never been a problem for me…
I don’t speak Spanish…
But I understood everything he did to the wood!
New shows and old alike…
Good videos!
Well that’s about it so I will see you in Eleventy twelve!
Thanks for watching

Wood Turning #111 A Knotty Fig Bowl

13 thoughts on “Wood Turning #111 A Knotty Fig Bowl”

  1. CRAZY MAD SKILLS Larry! I stumbled on your channel and haven't been able to tear myself away for the past hour! You amaze me! I guess it takes a lot of years of practice to turn a piece like that, would have had tools flying all over the place!

  2. You started out with an ugly crotch and ended up with an ugly bowl. I gave the video a thumbs up though. I'll bet someone paid money for the bowl.

  3. You're brave putting the fragile tablet screen next to the source of large flying chunks of wood! Nice Bowl though 🙂

  4. You are truly a fearless turner. Really like how the piece turned out, you prove there is beauty in all things if you dig deep enough. Thanks for sharing, Gord

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