Wood Turn a Letter Opener

Wood Turn a Letter Opener
I demonstrate how to turn a letter opener on a wood lathe. This is a beginner woodturning project that can easily be turned on a mini lathe and does not require a scroll chuck as we turn it between centers.

I upload new wood turning videos regularly so Ya’ll come back, hear?

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Wood Turn a Letter Opener

11 replies on “Wood Turn a Letter Opener”

  1. Making one tomorrow 🙂 I was turning a vase yesterday and had a catch tear out half an inch of wood, needless to say I didn't laugh about it. Thanks for a good watch!

  2. Mike, that is a nice project and like you said these would make nice fits. In your overhead show I noticed that you have a nice holder for a dust hood. Did you make that or was that something that you bought. I ave a similar dust hood that IO bought at Rockler a couple of years ago. However, have not come up with a good way to mount it on my Jet 1442 Lathe. Can you tell me where you bought that mount, or how you made it? I think what you have is what I want to have on my lathe.

  3. Didn't mean to be critical. You and Dan Douthart always seem so well prepared and have a reason for everything. I couldn't see what I was missing. 

    Love your channel.

  4. I think a belt sander might work for shaping the blade as well…easy to change grits near the final passes. Just a thought. I have a small piece of Maple that I might try for this. Nice Christmas gifts.

  5. thats pretty cool mike was wondering how you was going to do the blade . well i seen you posted and your the first person i watched . i like the way you turn its very relaxing .

  6. Great little project with nice elements. Gave me the idea to find a decking company and get some scraps from them!

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