Wood Tool for all Types of Projects – Pocket Hole Jig

Wood Tool for all Types of Projects - Pocket Hole Jig
Tool for all Kinds of Wood Projects – Pocket Hole Jig at Harbor Freight. Review and usage guide


Name Portable Pocket Hole Jig Kit
SKU 96264
Brand Drill Master
Material Aluminum
Quantity 1
Product Height 5 in.
Product Length 9-7/16 in.
Product Weight 4.45 lbs.
Product Width 3-1/2 in.
Shipping Weight 4.43 lb.
Accessories Included drill guide blocks, L base, 3/8 in. step bit with depth collar, 100 self-tapping screws and hex wrenches

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Wood Tool for all Types of Projects – Pocket Hole Jig

13 thoughts on “Wood Tool for all Types of Projects – Pocket Hole Jig”

  1. I've got one of these harbor freight jigs and the (much) more expensive Kreg jig. I have to say, I like the harbor freight jig better than the kreg. However, the drill bit that comes with the Kreg is light years better than this HF drill bit. The HF bit will break or dull much, much quicker than the Kreg bit. That said, buying this jig plus a better drill bit to go with it is still cheaper than the Kreg jig.

    This is one of those very few HF products that's actually worth the money.

  2. I just took delivery of this jig yesterday and I found no explanation for the L-bracket that came with it so thanks for explaining why it's in the package. I found your video very helpful. Thanks for putting it out there.

  3. Nice video… Thank you for taking your time and explaining everything in detail.  10+ thumbs up….

  4. should you not have raised the workforce the thickness of a washer for the drill bit to penetrate the wood at the bottom

  5. Well, of all the hundreds of pocket holes I have drilled and screwed I have never seen the wood split ! Mind you I don't tend to use 12 mm wood, nearly always 16 mm or larger. I appreciated your demo, Thankyou.

  6. who are the 11 douchebags who always give these videos a thumbs down?
     You know it has to be the same 11 guys.

  7. Just saw this today at Harbor Freight. I really like your review. I'm not sure if to get this or Kreg Jig, so I'll research them both. Thanks.

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