Wood Floor Refinishing FAILS! (YouTubers Called Out!)

Wood Floor Refinishing FAILS! (YouTubers Called Out!)
A compilation of wood floor refinishing FAILS by YouTubers, complete with critical, yet bumbling non-sensical commentary!

I give my thoughts on sanding floors with orbital sanders or finishing sanders, as well as sanding wood floors by hand with a palm sander or handheld belt hand sander.

Please look out for bad advice on YouTube, from people telling you how to sand and refinish your hardwood floors having only done it once themselves. Click around and watch as much as you can and absorb as much as possible. Obviously, I recommend my videos 😉

Be sure to check out the following videos that I mentioned.

Vid #1 Refinishing Hardwood Floors – Costs and Home Depot Rentals

Vid #2 Hardwood Floor Refinishing by trial and error

Vid #3 How To Refinish Hardwood Floors

Vid #4 How to Sand and Save a Wood Floor

Wood Floor Refinishing FAILS! (YouTubers Called Out!)

11 thoughts on “Wood Floor Refinishing FAILS! (YouTubers Called Out!)”

  1. there is not many professionals who can do really good wooden floor refinishing so trying to do it yourself usually goes not so well.

  2. The first thing that i see is the green light from your greenscreen on your forhead, or the shining edge around your sofa.
    You failed hard. ( Dont try to look Professional, this looks worse than an amateur)

  3. Lived in a 1 bedroom rental before my kids came along and the landlord brought us a palm sander to redo the living room, bedroom, mud room, and kitchen with. Took me 2 days to realize slippers and area rugs were better worth my money then the time and pain the tiny sander were taking from my life.

  4. We don't call it detail sanding in America we call it using the edger.and I've seen people bolt on more than one piece of sand papers so when it wears out they can just rip off one. But that is bad because the leftover piece will leave swirls everywhere. I still have bad dreams about edging and scraping around stairs ☹️

  5. Here on long Island, NY where things are very expensive, you can have your floor sanded, stained, and poly'd three coats for about $2.75 per foot. Just hire a pro. I'm a contractor and I know better in case some idiot wants to counter my comment.

  6. When pepole want to improve their home turn to a professional for help or tips or let the prodessional do it

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