Wood-Fired Sauna Stove and Kitchen Reno

Wood-Fired Sauna Stove and Kitchen Reno
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A lot happens in this episode – I move the wood fired stove into the sauna to keep me warm while I build the log walls of the sauna, I renovate the kitchen in the log cabin with some rustic wood elements, I cook braised beef and camel stew on the woodstove and I dig out my building materials from underneath a ton of snow.
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Wood-Fired Sauna Stove and Kitchen Reno

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  1. How blessed you are to wake up every morning to the sun filtering through the trees. Looking forward to your winter adventures – shocking how much snow you have there compared to Toronto! A snowmobile will come in very handy😊

  2. It's probably been asked and answered somewhere else but what happened to Cali's boots? Geoff – Shepparton Victoria Australia

  3. all of your videos are awesome love them there like short movies your work is some of the best out there.. dedicated viewer Nancy

  4. with all the dowel rods and wood tools you make by hand, have ever thought of making a treadle lathe to help make that process easier and faster?

  5. Shawn your breakfasts always look so delicious. You should try fried baby asparagus (when in season) for breakfast with a couple fried eggs on top and a side of peameal bacon. Yummy! My favourite breakfast … warning … the asparagus will make your pee smell funny, lol.

  6. Love how Callie up stages you and steals the show!

    Thanks for talking about your meals, please do it more! Your meals always look amazing!

    Best video yet!

  7. Camel? Must be hump day! That's a meal I'd walk a mile for😉. I know it is cold up there, but some days I really miss working outside. Thanks for the short auger sharpening tip!

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