Wood Finishing Tips | Raising the grain for a smooth finish

Wood Finishing Tips | Raising the grain for a smooth finish
This video is the third in a series dedicated to providing tips about wood finishing. In this video we cover raising wood grain to improve the final finish and smoothness.
When you apply a finish to a piece of wood, the grain raises up as it absorbs the moisture from the finish. This causes a rough finish that must be sanded in order to achieve the desired smoothness.
In order to avoid this issue, one can raise the grain and remove those fibres before applying the finish. This video will demonstrate a method by which that can be accomplished.

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Wood Finishing Tips | Raising the grain for a smooth finish

14 replies on “Wood Finishing Tips | Raising the grain for a smooth finish”

  1. Im not sure you are realy doing it right. You raise the grain … then sandit again a lot. You took the little fibers and the wood to a level were if you re apply mathanol you'll have raised grain again. You should super light sand after raising the grain man usually 320 grit and just barely touch the wood

  2. Hey Brad. I enjoy feeling the wood grain a little bit through the finish. Can I skip this step (in finishing a guitar) and have a little bit of that grain feel at the end? Will there be any problems that arise with that?

    For reference I'm going to stain the Alder body and finish with a Polyurethane Satin, all wipe on.

  3. Methanol is a serious poison and can be absorbed through the skin. Gloves and adequate ventilation would be wise.

  4. Brad I'm so lost, I've looked everywhere online and don't really know what to do 100%. I'm trying to take this guitar kit I have and spray paint it white, I don't want it the body to look grainy or look like it's made out of wood. I'd like the consistency or texture of glass, I'm not sure what steps to take to achieve this or if it's possible. can you please point me in the right direction? thank you so much!

  5. We can't get methanol or denatured in the u.k. so would isopropyl alcohol do the job after grain fill and before staining  ???

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