Wood Finishing How-To: Hand-Rubbed Tung Oil Varnish on Walnut

Wood Finishing How-To: Hand-Rubbed Tung Oil Varnish on Walnut
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How to Finish Walnut with a Hand-Rubbed a Tung Oil Varnish

Here’s Part 2 of 2 on this series of Finishing a Standing Height Desk. While it has a modern, urban kind of look, this video series focuses on how I accomplished the finish. This part walks you through how I applied and polished a tung oil varnish on a solid walnut desk top. It’s a pretty easy finish to apply, as in it’s not complicated, but it does require some time. But in the end it produces a gorgeous hand-rubbed appearance but with a good, hard protective coating. On walnut, it especially looks exquisite, too. Enjoy!

Wood Finishing How-To: Hand-Rubbed Tung Oil Varnish on Walnut

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  1. I recently purchase some of this finish (the tung oil varnish), and am a little confused on how to use it, I realize your demonstration is quite detailed but I am referring to the instruction on the container, it does not say to stir it or shake it, and I didn't notice you doing anything but just pouring it out of the container. Can you kindly clarify, thank you.

  2. Great video! Gorgeous desk and really nice video quality. I'm looking to make a table top out of black walnut but I want to finish it in a way that will yield a bit of a lighter, more grey, muted color. Also, more of a natural, low gloss finish. Any tips on that? Thanks!

  3. I don't understand how you got it so smooth? Mine is still very grainy. Did I not sand enough before applying the first coat? To what grit did you do final prep on this piece before applying first coat?

  4. I am so torn between a Tung oil finish and a varnish finish for my latest project. I'm wondering if one light coat of varnish first and then tung oil next would produce a similar look to this desk top?

  5. Thank you for a very informative video. I love the technique. One question; would you have any concerns using this technique with walnut veneer?

  6. Got a jarrah wood top for my home bar which would you recommend tung oil or a varnish jarrah wood had been sanded

  7. Informative video but bro you got to change the music up. You can't make me listen to the same track for 9:00+!!

  8. Thank you for the video. I think you would really like Renaissance Wax for your projects. It is used by the finest museums around the world for everything from wood to firearms, metal, photographs, leather and just about anything.

  9. I am using tung oil on a walnut guitar I’m building . It really looks beautiful . What would you recommend for a rubbing product for a high gloss punish for protection . Thanks in advance jared it’s in my photo

  10. I do have a question. To finish a walnut gun stock..would you use the same tung oil varnish or 100 % pure tung oil ?

  11. Nice narrative for your finish. I don’t think the polish will endure though. Thought I was gonna see card scraping…but card scraped walnut is a whole different league of finish though. Get a card scraper, elbow grease and pure tung oil and air dried black walnut

  12. Great video. Your explanations of the steps was very helpful. I am having a hard time finding dye, where do you go to purchase the product?

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