Wood Carving & Crafts: Bushcraft Fire Lighting Set

Wood Carving & Crafts: Bushcraft Fire Lighting Set
I made a Bushcraft Fire Lighting Set for a 50th birthday for a subscriber called John. This is a full set including a bow drill set, flint and steel, marcasite, ferro rod (fire steel), Tinder pouches, Far wood, tinder fungus and leather patches and sheaths.

If your interested in Bushcraft & Survival skills, fishing, hunting, fire lighting, plants & mushrooms, camp cooking, shelter building, self reliance, wilderness & primitive living skills, weaving plant fibers, knives, axes, saws and maintaining these tools in the field and much much more then check out my channel page below for playlists and more videos.

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Wood Carving & Crafts: Bushcraft Fire Lighting Set

19 thoughts on “Wood Carving & Crafts: Bushcraft Fire Lighting Set”

  1. Some lucky fellow has someone who has an incredible sense of gifting. I would open it and make a little whimpering noise …..trying to choke back tears.

  2. I'm pretty new to the bushcraft scene and I've already noticed that there's a tremendous amount of  rubbish being thrown out by many of the 'I'm a celebrity' wannabe's out there… I just want to say many thanks for your super high quality tuition videos Mike, the cream always rises to the top! happy days Old Bean!

  3. I could imagine, I'm interested in the fire kit presented in your video. Do you still make and sell them? Primarily your bow drill kit and tinder fungus's.

  4. I have found that epoxy putty makes a good substitute to a horn handle for a ferrocerium rod . Thank you for the feedback you have given re Mora knives. I had been struggling with fire feathers, but no more! My collection of Delindinia Concentrica seems a little lonely now.

  5. I can see the pride in your eyes! Your passion for bush-craft is obvious. You are indeed a true craftsman.

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