Wood Carving & Crafts: Alder Spoon & Kuksa

Wood Carving & Crafts: Alder Spoon & Kuksa
I spent a few days in Dartmoor National Park with some friends carving a spoon and the beginings of a Kuksa.

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Wood Carving & Crafts: Alder Spoon & Kuksa

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  1. I think that you can help the hammock stay dry by hanging little ropes down on the supporting ropes, wicking away the water with gravity and capilary action, or maybe friction, actually its all down to atomic bonds

  2. I've been trying to find out if alder is a toxic or safe wood to carve eating utensils with and struggling. I'm guessing it is safe to use because you made a spoon from it, could you confirm ghat for me?
    I'm a massive fan of your videos by the way, I have learned a lot from them and often wish I could be in the areas you camp in 🙂

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